4 Fortnite alternative mobile games you can try!!

This week, after Epic Games introduced a direct payment system that defied Apple and Google’s app store policies, the popular battle royale game Fortnite was deleted from both of those platforms.

After Epic Games introduced a direct payment scheme that defies their app store policies, Apple and Google earlier this week withdrew the popular battle royale game Fortnite from their app stores (30 per cent of the in-app revenue purchases).

In a statement on the subject, Apple claimed that Epic “enabled a feature in its app that was neither reviewed nor approved by Apple, and they did so withthe specific intention of breaking the in-app payment rules set forth by the App Store, which are applicable to all developers who market digital products or services.


Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is playable in single, pair, squad (four players), and fireteam modes (five players). There is a waiting area, just like in PUBG, and players are dropped by aeroplane onto the map. Ghillie Island and Fearless Fiord are the game’s two maps. The ‘Fearless Fiord’ is a unique element in the game that can hold up to 300 players, making it quite uncommon in battle royale games. if you enjoy playing socially with pals.

Rules of Survival uses up 3GB of storage space and has over 50 million downloads with a 3.9 rating on Android. It has a 4.5 rating and requires 2.5GB of space on iOS.


Cyber Hunter

You can play this game alone, with a partner, or as a four-player squad. There are two: Six Forces Blitz and Classic Mode. Players have a wide range of movement options, including manic velocity, climbing on any vertical surface, including walls, and using drones to glide down. In contrast to most battle royale games, this one takes a more sci-fi perspective. Player lands on a hoverboard rather than a parachute. The game also features many cars. Supercars can be seen laying around, and modern jetskis can be used to travel across the water instead of swimming. The graphics are quite impressive for a cheap game.

On the Google Play Store, it has over 10 million downloads and a four-star rating, compared to a 4.5 rating on the Apple App Store. On Android and iOS handsets, it uses 2.2GB and 3.5GB of storage space, respectively.


Call of Duty

One of the first franchises in the FPS gaming category is Call of Duty. Call of Duty was played extensively by most 90s youth who enjoyed this genre. Similar to PUBG Smartphone and Fortnite, the mobile edition of the game lets up to 100 players into a recognisable battlefield with recognisable characters and weapons. One of this game’s best features is its visual appeal. Because of the game’s well-tuned physics, you feel like you have more influence over it.

The Activision battle royale game is 1.9 GB in size and has a 4.8 rating on the Apple App Store. On the other side, it boasts 4.5 stars and more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. On Android smartphones, 1.5GB of space is required.



PUBG Mobile is without a doubt one of the best first-person shooter games in the world. Other games featured battle royale modes, but when it came to the genre, no game did it better than PUBG. In order to compete with PUBG, it compelled game franchises to release their smartphones versions. PUBG is providing players with new maps to keep them interested in the game despite the controversy that surrounds it. Recently, several OnePlus devices also received the 90FPS mode.

The iOS game PUBG by Tencent Games has a 4.4 rating and requires 2.4GB of storage space. With a 4.1 rating, it has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. An Android smartphone needs 1.9GB of storage to store the game.

“Fortnite Game “secret question need to know before play

Is Fortnite suitable for children?

A.The suggested age range for Fortnite is 13 and older, although every child is different.

Does Fortnite cost money?

A.It’s free and accessible on a wide variety of devices, including the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PC, Mac, iOS, and some Android models.

Is Fortnite good for your brain?

A.Despite the negative criticism, Fortnite and similar games have demonstrated advantages for the brain. Contrary to popular assumption, first- and third-person shooters enhance spatial cognition, decisionmaking, and concentration.

Is Fortnite still a free game?

A.The immensely popular free-to-play online war game called Fortnite was created by Epic Games.

Is Fortnite for PC only?

A.Currently, Android, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One S, Series X or S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 3 all support Fortnite.

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