Black nurses have a new nursing compact

Nursing compact states that all nurses must be African-American and they must be registered nurses by the end of 2019.

The rules were created by the National Association of Nurse Administrators and require that nurses be trained in nursing and are not certified in any other field.

The new regulations, which are being implemented by the American Nurses Association and the National Alliance of State Nurses, come in response to a series of nurse deaths in recent years.

In May, a nurse in Texas was found dead in her nursing home after being poisoned by the fentanyl that had been stored in her office.

The next month, a Texas nurse was found in the same building, but had been resuscitated and had a pulse.

In June, a Louisiana nurse died after she was accidentally left in a bathtub while nursing a patient who was critically ill.

In September, a Georgia nurse was accidentally suffocated by a cot while being treated at a hospital.

“Nurses have a unique and unique role to play in our communities,” said Michelle B. Broussard, president and CEO of the National Nurses United, in a statement.

“In addition to being nurses, we also have to be caring, compassionate, and committed to caring for the people we care for.”

The rules have been met with some skepticism from some nursing associations, which have said they want to give the public a chance to get their first look at the new rules before they take effect.

“I think it’s important that we get it right before we have it enacted,” said Dr. Susan M. Lefkowitz, executive director of the American Academy of Nursing.

“What the nurses are really saying is, ‘We’ve heard all the concerns, but we want to see what you have to say and we’re willing to listen to what you say.

We are all very committed to seeing the rules in place.'”

Nursing compact states that all nurses must be African-American and they must be registered nurses by the end of 2019.The…

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