How ‘Survivor’ Alumni Won ‘The Challenge: USA,’ according to Entertainment Weekly

it this far those people

are insane you’re welcome survivor


the survivors have fared better in this


than some of the other game show alums

uh probably partly due to dumb luck like

sarah just like lucked out she’s here

but uh you know i pretty much drove the

entire game all the way to this point

i’ve known every single thing that was

gonna happen i’ve sucked a ton of people

in and around me and have lost very few

of my allies but when i did lose them i

had a plan b so the plan initially was

to stay survivor strong but then we had

to get away from that when i started

realizing that people with money might

become targets so then i sucked everyone

in that had money to protect other

people with money and made a

pact with everyone with money to not put

someone with money in which benefited me

as well as them and made sense your

welcome survivor community i think the

love islanders kind of just

didn’t really understand the social

dynamic of this style of game and kind


you have to start maneuvering right from

the get-go and if you don’t then every

move you make later just looks like

desperation so like i can’t come to you

on day 30 and be like we’re good right

we’re pals because like you had 30 days

to do that why are you doing it now i

can smell that

and so i think

the love island people probably waited

too long to beg for

mercy and then it was too late

and uh you know what

just stick to what you’re good at love

i’m good at slitting throats it’s

definitely worrisome because it’s uh you

know right now there’s five guys left

i’m the only big brother one there’s

four survivors so but like i said the

numbers i know the fans are gonna talk

about like survivor kind of dominated it

but it really wasn’t that big brother

just cannibalized each other i mean we

just went after each other at certain

points in this game and that’s what it

was you know so i really had nothing to

do with it but um like i said we’re just


we’re just some cannibals in this game


it is what it is there’s some kids here

with season i mean you got a state

swimming champ in tyson you got a

football player i mean there’s people

i’m going against that are just

like just superb athletes man so um and

they’ve done stuff in life you know

i’m from the streets man from new jersey

um you know yeah i’ve been i had a

couple scraps whatever i played some

sports but never did

mountain climbing swimming never did

none of that stuff so it’s

definitely a learning curve for me but

i’ve survived i always find a way and

i’m proving that now

i’m this close to the finale man so

again no matter what happens i’m proud

of what i do that’s it i’m not really

worried that there’s more survivor than

big brother just because um i wasn’t

even trusting big brother to begin with

so if anything i’m more trusting i trust

survivor more than big brother coming in

here um i feel like i’m really tight

with the guys of survivor i think they

have my back hopefully and i feel like

they had my back more than anyone from

my season on big brother so i’ve never

really seen survivor but since they’re

the majority of this house it looks like

survivor definitely prepared them

i think the one thing about big brother

is a lot of it is not competing it’s

more strategizing and i think that’s

what happened to you know tiffany kylan

and xavier that they were playing big

brother when this isn’t this is not big

brother you can have other allies and

trust people and i think they’ve had the

loyalty aspect more than big brother had

honestly my strategy coming in was to

work with the love island people just

because they haven’t played a game as

far as strategizing and i feel like

they’d be easily manipulated

but unfortunately they were just easily

manipulated by everybody

and um

i think that’s why they were targeted

because it was an easy target because

they just believed everything that they

heard and i’ve been in that boat so i

understand how that feels you know us

survivor people can stick together but

with survivor comes the backstabs and

lies so you kind of be a god of you kind

of got to be on your toes with that when

you look around the house right now

there’s a lot of survivor people in fact

we hold the majority um plus there’s a

lot of dads too so

from my

super tight in here so it just sucks

that we were kind of picked off one by

one eventually but we lasted pretty

pretty long so i’m proud of us and i

gotta represent for the rest of us

people have been dropping like flies uh

but me desi and dom created an alliance

at the beginning of the season and we’ve

been holding strong since uh and i think

that is the reason why i’ve made it so

far in this game six survivors left uh i

think we are the best show we’re the

most strategic we’re the most physically

capable on the challenge and it is shown

that’s why we only have had two of us

eliminated and six of us still headed uh

for the finals with the majority being

survivor i feel like i’m protected i

also have people on the big brother’s

side who want to protect me uh so i

think i’m sitting pretty as long as tj

doesn’t throw any crazy twists or

twister things in i think i’ll be okay

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