How the government is changing nursing services

A new nursing services bill passed in the House of Representatives last week will make it harder for Australian nurses to access care for the elderly.

The Senate will vote on the bill later this week, which will make changes to the nursing workforce, including allowing people who work for the Australian Health and Medical Commission (AHCMC) to apply for their own health care, as well as allowing people to work from home.

But the bill is expected to pass both houses before it can become law.

Nurses and health professionals were the first to protest the changes.

“We don’t want to see any nurse who works for the AHCMC get treated like an unpaid intern or as a caregiver,” said Joanne McLean, the president of the Australian Nurses Union.

More from the ABC: “I’m a nurse who has been here over 35 years.

I’ve been in and out of nursing homes, and this will make the job of a nurse much harder,” she told RN’s Breakfast.

A new bill will allow people who have worked for the commission to apply to work in their own homes, rather than being paid by the commission.

This would also allow people to be employed from home, and have access to care services, including nursing.

Australian Nursing Association president, Dr Christine Hodge, said it was an issue that was important for nurses to have.

Ms McLean said she had no doubts about the legislation.

“It’s an important issue,” she said.

“[The bill] is about improving the quality of life of nurses.

It’s about giving nurses the ability to be self-employed, and to be able to take on the care of their own home.”

The changes were initially opposed by nursing groups.

In a statement, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) said the changes were designed to “avoid duplication of services” and said that “in the event of a shortage of staff, nursing services could be provided by an AHCM registered nurse”.

But Dr Hodge said the AMA was “willing to negotiate with the government on issues related to the health of the nursing profession”.

“We are willing to work with any government to make sure that our nurses and other care workers are treated fairly and fairly well,” she added.

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A new nursing services bill passed in the House of Representatives last week will make it harder for Australian nurses…

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