How to get the perfect nursing resume

Nursing resumes are just that – resumes.

They tell the story of what you did, what you accomplished, and where you ended up.

They help employers make an educated decision about your future in nursing.

But they can also get you in trouble.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the different types of nursing resumes that are out there, and tell you how to use them to your advantage. 


A Nursing Resume that’s Specific to Your Job What is a specific nursing resume?

A specific nursing profile is a resume that identifies specific strengths and abilities you have and gives you specific job-specific information. 

It’s a resume to tell your employers what you can do, and it’s also a resume you can display on your job site, where it can be viewed and clicked on to get more information.

A nursing resume is the best way to show your employers that you can fill their roles in nursing, because it’s the resume that’s likely to stand out.


A Specific Nursing Resort What are the most common nursing resume types?

Nursing resumes vary widely, and some types are more common than others. 

Some are written to fill specific gaps in an applicant’s resume.

For example, an applicant might have a general resume that says they’re a nurse, a clinical nurse, or a nursing assistant.

Others include a general nursing resume that shows that they’ve been a nurse for at least 10 years, or that they graduated from an accredited nursing school. 

Others have a specific job, such as a registered nurse, registered nurse assistant, or registered nurse practitioner.


A Resume With Specific Job-Specific Information The most common types of a specific resume include the following: Resume with Specific Job Information (RSJI) A Resumé with Specific Information is designed specifically for employers to know how a prospective applicant fits into their company’s workforce.

It’s written for employers who want to know what sort of nursing qualifications and skills they need in order to get a job in nursing or any other job, but it doesn’t have any job-related information.

For instance, a nurse who has worked in the public sector for at, say, 30 years may have a particular resume that mentions that she’s been an RN for 30 years, but that doesn’t mean she’s an RN right now.

Resumés like these are the best for employers that want to determine if a person is a fit for the role of a nursing student or nurse practitioner in their organization.

A RN student is someone who has had experience working in a classroom setting and may have been involved in student programs, or is currently working as a nurse practitioner or as a clinical assistant.

Resume types like this can also be used to provide an outline for a job search that may not include a specific position, such a teaching assistant.

This is especially helpful for companies that may have multiple positions available. 

Resume with Job-specific Information (JLI) Resumes that include specific job information on their covers can be more effective for recruiting applicants.

The JLI is written for prospective employers to find information about specific positions that a candidate might have.

A JLI may include a job title, and details about the job or position, and any relevant experience that might have gone into it.

For some nursing applicants, this could be something as simple as a general description of the position or a job description. 

A JLI that includes specific job specific information is usually designed to be used as a resume template for hiring applicants.

It is often referred to as a Jillette resume template, and can be used for any kind of job application, including job postings and job applications for nursing positions. 


Resumes With Specific Responsibilities For those who have a wide range of job-relevant experience, and may be able to fill that position, it can make sense to include specific career specific information.

These are usually written for nursing applicants that have experience with a wide variety of nursing-related fields, such at a medical center, as a health care provider, or as an RN.

They can also help applicants fill in gaps in their resume with specific details. 


Resums With Specific Education In addition to providing job-focused information, a resume with the right type of information can also provide an advantage for the job applicant.

Resumenics written specifically for nursing candidates may include an explanation of specific nursing-specific education, including specific nursing credentials or a degree, or specific nursing training. 

These types of resumes can also show potential employers that a nursing resume candidate has an interest in their field of interest. 


Resurfaces with Specific Work Experience An employer that has the time and the ability to make a specific hiring decision can make a resume based on information that will give them an idea of what kind of nursing candidate you are.

This can help the employer determine whether you have the skills and knowledge to work as a RN or

Nursing resumes are just that – resumes.They tell the story of what you did, what you accomplished, and where you…

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