How to Make a Healthy Plate

what can you make your family for dinner

that’s healthy and tastes good you can

follow the plate method this healthy

eating plan works for everybody

including people with diabetes indeed

making nutritious healthy meals will be

a snap

what’s a healthy plate it’s a way to

control your serving sizes where you

don’t have to count simply use a 7-inch

plate for children and a 9-inch plate

for adults first divide the plate in

half and fill one of them with

vegetables there are two types of

vegetables starchy like potatoes corn

peas or plantains and non starchy like

zucchini jicama cucumbers carrots or

salad if you have diabetes fill half

your plate with non starchy vegetables

then fill 1/4 with whole grains or

starches like brown rice corn beans or

whole wheat pasta in the other quarter

add some lean protein like tofu grilled

fish or chicken what about adding a side

of tortilla or bread it’s hard to resist

I know the trick is serve yourself a

smaller portion of the other starches on

your plate instead to complete your meal

add a drink like unsweetened coffee tea

or a glass of milk but remember that

drinking 8 ounces of milk affects your

blood sugar just as it would if you ate

another tortilla or a slice of bread or

you can also choose water with a squeeze

of lemon or lime how you create your

plate is up to you you have many options

as long as you remember to follow these

healthy guidelines and you’re all set

you might be thinking how can you use a

plate method to make vegetable beef soup

or other meal simply follow the same


fill your pot with low sodium broth and

lots of healthy vegetables like corned

cabbage zucchini carrots and onions and

some lean beef but not too much just

like you’d put on a quarter of your

plate for each person you’re serving if

you want to add your favorite type of

bread on the side and you’ve got the

right amount for a healthy meal mm-hmm


QUICK OATMEAL RECIPE | savoury and sweet flavours

today i’m going to show you how to make

the perfect bowl of oatmeal

oatmeal is one of the easiest healthy

meals you can make and while you can’t

go wrong with a

basic bowl of creamy oatmeal you can

also jazz it up with a variety of sweet

and savory flavor combinations i’ll give

you a few ideas for toppings and some

cooking tips in today’s video

so i say we just dive right in today i’m

making oatmeal with old-fashioned rolled

oats which are the ones in the middle


but steel cut oats and quick cooking

oats are also popular

so let me give you some quick pros and

cons of the different varieties

steel cut oats are whole oat groats

chopped into

pieces resembling little grains of rice

they retain their shape well after

cooking and result in a chewy and creamy


but the cooking time is fairly long

about 30 minutes

old-fashioned rolled oats which are my

favorite oats to use

are steamed then rolled flat which

allows them to be cooked faster

while still creating a deliciously

creamy and hearty texture

and quick cooking oats are the most

processed of the bunch as they’re

already pre-cooked dried rolled and


they tend to produce a mushier oatmeal

but on the bright side

they only require about one minute to

cook to make perfect oatmeal every time

with rolled oats

just remember this easy ratio one to two

for every portion of oats you need

double the amount of liquid

and for the liquid you can use water or

any type of milk

or a 50 50 blend of the two which i

think makes for that perfect level of


so let’s make your basic single serving

of oatmeal

add one cup of the liquid of your choice

to a pot and bring that to a boil

once it’s boiling add the oats a pinch

of salt and reduce the heat to


stir the oats occasionally and let them

simmer for about five minutes or until

the oatmeal reaches your desired texture

and consistency

i personally prefer my oatmeal a little

chunkier but if you want it creamier all

you have to do is add a splash more


and if you accidentally add too much

liquid just let the oats rest for a bit

as they’ll continue to absorb and soak

it up you can serve the oatmeal plain

or with a splash of milk or with a

variety of toppings which we’ll get to

in a second

but that’s how easy it is to make

oatmeal on the stovetop

the stovetop method is the best method

for making several servings of oatmeal

but for single batches it’s also easy to

use the microwave

for this method just combine the water

or milk oats and a pinch of salt in a


give it a quick stir then microwave it

for a minute and a half to two minutes

the oats will start to bubble a bit so i

also recommend using a larger bowl to

prevent any overflowing

when you remove your oatmeal from the

microwave the bowl will be hot

so just be careful and the oats may look

a bit more liquidy

but just give it a minute to rest and it

will soon have the same consistency as

the stovetop

method all right i’m going to make a

much larger batch of oatmeal now so that

i can show you all of these flavor


and again the ratio is simple it’s just

double the liquid to oats

so if i’m making four servings it’s 2

cups of oats to 4 cups of water

i also want to make a quick note about

purchasing gluten-free oats

if you’re gluten intolerant or celiac

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