King Charles is scolded for ordering staff to clear his desk.

King Charles III has already had a memorable occasion during his reign, however it is not a noble one.

The new king or queen was mocked over videos that went viral showing him ordering servants to clean his desk as he signed the proclamation of his accession on Saturday. After his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away last week at the age of 96, he ascended to the throne in her place.

In the video, the king dismissively fanning his hand as an assistant moves an inkwell.

 And flashes a vexed smile at an aide who appears to be the royal desk-clearer as his majesty pushes aside a pen set to make room.

After Trump was seen flying into Washington, DC, speculation is rampant.

On Sunday night, Donald Trump was seen leaving for the airport in New Jersey, and a flight plan was submitted for Dulles International Airport in Virginia, a hub for travellers to Washington, D.C.

Trump was later seen getting off the plane at Dulles and getting into a dark SUV.

Trump didn’t organise any ceremonies to commemorate September 11 on Sunday because other world leaders were attending festivities. He did commemorate the event by sharing two memes on his social media page. Only a succession of news articles from the previous week until June 2022 served as additional entertainment. He said nothing about his travels to DC or his plans while there.

It created a space where people might fill in their theories about what Trump was doing. It’s probable that Trump is still courting significant donors for his fundraising efforts. He might be speaking with Republican leaders in order to deliver talking points about his document crisis in person. He probably would have announced and promoted his speech if he was addressing a group.

Trump was perilously close to being prosecuted, the former attorney general Bill Barr said last week. Many people are speculating that the court date may be approaching due to this type of legal study.

Some people who saw the pictures reacted by asking whether Trump was surrendering himself in or whether he had been arrested when he landed. The White House claimed that a group was heading to the burial but it’s unclear who those guests will be. Trump’s allies have been pleading with him to attend the royal funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Others made light of the possibility that he needed to shift additional paperwork, possibly to his Virginia golf course. Another said he was departing for his indictment hearing or leaving the nation.

George Conway, a lawyer, observed that recent days had not been “golf weather” in the region. After pouring for the most of Sunday, it’s expected to continue raining on Monday. “It’s been arraigning, I mean, raining,” Conway said.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Purchases $9.5 Million Georgia Farm

The Rock has arrived in the rural area of Georgia.

A 46-acre historical mansion south of Atlanta has been purchased by a company connected to actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

According to public property documents, a Georgia-based corporation connected to Mr. Johnson’s Los Angeles-based business managers bought the equestrian home in the picturesque tiny town of Powder Springs for for $9.5 million. We were unable to reach Mr. Johnson, a 47-year-old former professional wrestler who has since established a career as an actor and director.

A 14,000 square foot megamansion with eight bedrooms sits in the middle of the large, multi-parcel property, offering plenty of room for Mr. Johnson’s family of five.

According to the listing with agent Jeff DeJarnett of Harry Norman Realtors, the main house was constructed in 2002 and includes stone fireplaces, a custom wine cellar, and a garden with a freeform, salt-water pool and cabana. DeJarnett declined to offer any comments on the purchase.

The opulent house is inspired by French country architecture, as evidenced by the exterior’s partly brick and stone cladding, the big casement windows, and the rustic interiors’ exposed wood and stone surfaces. A welcoming library with wood panels and stained glass is another amenity.

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