From the day this seed of starting a direct marketing sprouted, our vision has always been to enrich lives and reach out to the community through health and wealth awareness programs and to encourage others to lead lives that are more meaningful and fulfilling.

The company’s focus has always been “ Leadership with Determination”. From the moment you join the company, we will help you to enhance the leader in you, so that you too can do the same for others. While the expression may be new, the ideology that created has been the same since day one.

This is the perfect reflection of LIFE CARE’S philosophy of nurturing and encouraging people to stay healthy and rise above their circumstances; to be the best that they can be, while doing so, impart his/her wisdom and nurture their loved ones, friends and acquaintances to experience the same through its unique caring and sharing culture.
Because we care…..

Team Includes

Mr. Balwinder Singh

A successful entrepreneur and industrialist has deep knowledge of entrepreneurship and its skills. A well behave gentleman with positive attitude and long visionary and a successful leader of this business. He is a very passionate personality.

Mr. Ranbir S.Ahluwalia

He is retired engineer from Indian Air Force. He has strong sense of innovation and creativity. He has ability to build professional relationship. He is very punctual and dedicated towards his work. A well dressed and disciplined personality.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma

7 years of banking and sales/marketing experience. He was sales manager in bank prior to this LIFE CARE biz. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic personality. He is very good leader and speaker.

Mr. Yashpal Singh

He has more than 30 years of experience of independent handling of admin and technical sections. Have sportsmanship and well disciplined personality. He is great motivator and trainer.

Mr. Narinderpal Singh Khurana

A Science Graduate, with zeal to excel, left behind his well established business to pursue career in Network Marketing. 20 years of his vast experience as a self motivated leader in MLM industry makes him stand out as a Great Mentor, Speaker and a Motivator par excellence. He is born to Motivate Masses.