Nurse blake’s family mourns loss of daughter, 5-year-old who died from COVID-19

Nurse blakes daughter, who died of COVID in the U.S., was a loveable little girl who loved the outdoors and her mom.

Now, her family is mourning the loss of their sweet, loving daughter.

“She was a little girl that was always playing with her little brother, her daddy and her sisters, and I’m not sure what happened, but I know she died in my arms,” said her sister, Natalie Blakes.

Natalie Blakes is the mother of the 5-month-old daughter, Nurse Blakes Blakes, who was diagnosed with COVID on December 4, 2019.

She was found dead in her mother’s home in the middle of the night on December 19, 2019, just two weeks after being discharged from the hospital.

Nurse Blakes died from the coronavirus.

Her mom was in the intensive care unit at St. Vincent’s Hospital in San Antonio, where she was diagnosed, but was released after a few days, her mother said.

But after the family went to the hospital, she said she was told she was no longer contagious and that she would be fine.

In a Facebook post, Natalie wrote that her family has not had the same sense of closure she felt with her daughter.

“Our world is a lot more filled with sadness and pain with no answers.

My heart aches for the Blakes family,” she wrote.

When the family got back to the U, Natalie said her daughter was able to speak, but she could not say much more.

Since then, Natalie has had to make her own arrangements to get her daughter to school.

As the Blaks family’s mother, Natalie is trying to get Nurse Blake’s picture taken and post it online, she told ABC News.

We just want her to be able to go back to her home and to be loved by her family and loved by friends,” Natalie said. 

The Blakes’ plan to go public with the picture is not without challenges, Natalie added.

There are a lot of questions that are left unanswered about Nurse Blaks, Natalie told ABC affiliate KSAT.

What we do know is that Nurse Blak died from an infection caused by the coronivirus.

She was at least the fifth child in her family to die from the virus.

The family has been told that Nurse blaks death will not affect the family financially.

Even though her death has been ruled a preventable death, the family is still looking for answers about the case, Natalie says.”

I know we have a lot to prove.

I know the truth is out there and that the truth will be out there for a long time, but we still want to find out the truth,” she said.

Nurse blakes daughter, who died of COVID in the U.S., was a loveable little girl who loved the outdoors and…

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