Nurse, Pediatric Nurse Are the Highest Paid Nurses in the World

Nurse salaries vary across the country and are typically higher than nursing homes.

The salaries vary widely, with some nursing homes being paid more than $100,000 per year, according to a 2017 report by the National Association of State Boards of Nursing.

However, according the National Institute on Aging, nurses are often paid more because of the need to care for people with a variety of chronic illnesses.

There is also a lack of competition, which can lead to pay differences.

While many nurses work part-time, they are paid overtime, meaning they can’t be paid if they are on call.

This means many are earning much less than other nurses.

“I’m lucky to have an opportunity to work in a home where I can have that flexibility,” said a nursing home worker, who wished to remain anonymous.

The salary difference is due to the fact that nursing homes have to pay for their own nursing home and home care, while nursing homes pay for nursing homes’ own staff.

For example, the average cost of a nursing care home is $2,732 per month, which includes nursing home care and other supplies and services.

But some nursing home workers do not receive any of these services, meaning their care and care costs are passed along to the patient.

“Some nursing homes will charge us extra to provide nursing services,” said the nursing home employee, who asked to remain unidentified.

“Others don’t want to pay us, so they just have to take care of it.”

While these salaries can be a major source of financial strain for a nursing facility, they can also allow for savings for the facility.

“If you’re working at a home that’s paying for its own care, it’s much harder to keep up,” said Elizabeth Zavala, an associate professor of nursing at Indiana University.

“But if you’re making more money from a savings account, you can pay off your bills in the future and not worry about them coming due.”

This article originally appeared on Polygon.

Nurse salaries vary across the country and are typically higher than nursing homes.The salaries vary widely, with some nursing homes…

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