Nurse superhero diagnosis sparks new hope for young people’s futures

More than a dozen people with serious illnesses were treated at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for the first time on Monday, as part of a $500 million national strategy to improve the lives of young people with mental health problems.

The national strategy, which is being led by the National Health and Medical Research Council, includes a commitment to spend $1.2 billion on mental health services over the next five years, with $500m being allocated to Queensland in 2017-18.

Dr Peter O’Connor, a GP who treated six young people in hospital, said there was a clear need to treat more young people as they aged.

“The best way to deal with mental illness is to deal it early, early in life,” he said.

“We need to understand what the problem is and what we can do to make it less serious, less disruptive.”

This could be something like taking young people off antipsychotics or helping them to go on a diet.

“The strategy calls for an increase in mental health treatment, which Dr O’Brien said would allow young people to be more productive in their daily lives and improve their mental health.”

They are much better equipped to deal more effectively with mental ill health and they can actually do more in terms of their mental wellbeing and their health,” he told 7.30.”

If we treat young people, we can reduce their mortality and we can have more lives that are productive, happy and healthy.

“Dr O’ Connor said more than half of young Queenslanders would be able to access mental health care if it was properly funded.”

It’s the most expensive form of mental health support, but the cost of that is relatively low,” he added.”

Our budget is already about $400 million per year.

“I would think if we spent $1 billion over five years on mental wellness, that would allow us to spend that on those young people.”

Dr Peter said it was important to recognise young people who were struggling with mental illnesses as young people.

“There is no excuse for young Australians to be struggling with these issues and not being able to take care of themselves,” he warned.

“What we need to do is recognise the role that young people play in our communities, not just in the state but also in our community and get on with it.”

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More than a dozen people with serious illnesses were treated at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for the first time…

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