‘Nurses are not heroes’: Nurses are not superheroes

NUS president, Vice-Chancellor, National Executive Committee member and senior academic have all voiced their support for a motion at the NUS national executive committee meeting calling for the abolition of the salaries of nurses.

The motion was presented to the Nusanthapuram meeting on the issue of pay and the NU, a student union.

It has also been adopted by a resolution adopted at the conference.

Nursing assistants are not paid as high as other students, said the motion which was put to the national executive on March 25.

This, it said, was because nurses were not the first students in the country to earn high salaries.

Nusananthapurama president, Dr Santhosh Srinivasan, who presented the motion, said, “Nurses deserve more.

It is not their job to earn money.

It should be up to them.

They deserve to be paid as much as the other students in NUS, not as little as some other students”.

In the NUP, president and secretary general, Praveen Dua, and vice-chancellor, Prof Sanjay Kumar, also participated in the meeting, where the motion was passed.

“Nurses should earn a living, not earn only for the sake of earning money,” they said.

They added that the salary of nurses was not “excessive” and that the salaries should be increased to keep pace with inflation.

Dr Srinas said that nurses were “not paid by the government” and therefore were not “paid the right to earn”.

The NUS has said that they have been paid a salary of Rs. 1,000 a month for the last three years.

The salary of a nurse was Rs. 2,000.NUS national president, Professor Sanjay K, said that the Nupaladis’ demand for an increase in the salary was “a big step in the right direction”.

“NUP is against the system that pays nurses more than other students,” he said.

“Our proposal is a proposal for a minimum wage of Rs 1,500 a month.

It will give the NUC a living wage.”NUP national executive member, M G Singh, said in a statement, “The NUS and NUP support the demand for a higher salary for nurses.

Our demand is to increase the salaries for nurses in the university to make it possible for the nurses to earn the right amount of money and keep up with the rising cost of living.

We are not against a salary increase.

But we want a minimum pay of Rs 2,500 per month, to ensure that the nurses are not being cheated by the system”.

The National Executive Council has approved the motion.

A senior academic, who did not want to be named, told The Hindu that there is a gap between the salaries paid to nurses and the wages paid to other students.

“NU’s salary is not a lot.

It’s a bit lower than that of a normal student.

But it’s the minimum wage,” he added.

“The students are paid less.

The nurses are paid more.

But what’s wrong with that?”

The NUP has argued that it is not the students who are being cheated, but the system of salaries.

“When you get a higher amount of salary, the student is not getting that much.

But then why should they get it?” said the senior academic.NUP vice-president and national executive, Professor Anil Bhavnagar, said “the NUP is a university, not a factory.

We do not want our students to be cheated.

We will fight for the right of the NUs to earn enough money to support our students, especially after tuition fees.

NUP’s demand for minimum salary for our students will not be an issue.

The issue is how to raise the minimum salary to ensure a living standard for our student.”

NUS president, Vice-Chancellor, National Executive Committee member and senior academic have all voiced their support for a motion at the…

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