Nurses’ blog posts have been deleted, but they’re still up for discussion

The Nurses Health and Wellbeing blog, run by two nursing students, has been deleted from Google’s search results, but users can still view archived posts.

The blog, which has more than 60,000 followers, was deleted because the content was “unacceptable for the internet”, according to a message sent by the blog’s administrator.

The content included photos of young patients with respiratory problems, a photo of a nurse in hospital and an image of a patient with a chest infection.

The post has been taken down because it “is not an acceptable way to engage with the internet”.

The blog has since been reposted but no other articles have been edited.

“The content of the blog is not an appropriate way to provide information or opinions,” the administrator wrote.

“Therefore the content has been removed from the Google search results.”

The blog was one of the first to tackle the rise of the “internet-driven” medical profession, with posts on topics including how to deal with stress, what makes a good nurse, how to find a good job and what to wear for a new role.

It is not the first time a nursing blog has been suspended, but it is the first instance to have gone online for several months.

The posts were deleted after a number of users took them to task.

A Google spokesperson said: “The blog posts were flagged for inappropriate content by Google’s moderation system, and the content that was flagged was not appropriate for the site.

The removal of the posts came after an investigation by the site’s admins.”

We are aware that a number the blog posts had been deleted and will work with the blog to ensure it does not happen again.

The Nurses Health and Wellbeing blog, run by two nursing students, has been deleted from Google’s search results, but users…

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