Nurses on call: Nursing school students ‘losing their minds’ to opioid epidemic

Nursing schools across the country are struggling to cope with a surge in opioid-related deaths.

And they have been caught between students who are addicted to opioids and the law enforcement and public health agencies trying to keep them from killing themselves.

The surge in the number of overdoses is being blamed on a new generation of students who started taking drugs at the age of 16, a trend that was expected to be much more widespread in the future, said Dr. Sarah Baskin, a medical epidemiologist with the New York State Department of Health.

Students at four public nursing schools across New York have died from overdoses this year.

The cause of death for two of them has been attributed to fentanyl, a powerful opioid with an addictive potency that is becoming increasingly common in the U.S.

Baskin and other experts say the increase in opioid deaths is the result of a growing epidemic.

Fentanyl has a high affinity for opioid receptors, making it more likely that a person will become hooked.

The drug has been blamed for a spike in heroin deaths and other overdoses.

It has also been linked to many suicides and overdoses.

The U.N. agency for drug control and international development said the surge in overdose deaths is a “major public health concern.”

The U.K. national statistics office says the number for the past year was up by 2.6 per cent compared to the same time last year.

Some experts say that could be due to a lack of enforcement of laws against drug use.

The government says the problem is not new, but the increase is due to the opioid crisis.

In many cases, the schools say they can’t keep up with the influx of students and need to expand their classes.

Some nurses say the students are getting in the way of their work.

The students are often the most dangerous of all the nurses, said Stephanie Miller, who manages a campus in New York City.

Many students have been addicted to fentanyl and have taken their lives in recent weeks, she said.

They’ve become obsessed with it, she added.

The students are not only not paying attention to their own safety, but also to the safety of others, Miller said.

Students are “losing control” of their own lives and their own bodies, Miller added.

They are not paying enough attention to the school, which is struggling to keep up.

Many are turning to illegal drugs, like marijuana and crack cocaine.

That has been the case for many years, Miller and others say.

“It is absolutely terrifying.

These students are taking their lives, and they are getting away with it,” Miller said, adding that her school is now understaffed.

Miller and other nurses say they don’t feel safe at school.

Many of them have to get medical care elsewhere to make ends meet.

She said she knows at least one other nursing student who was recently killed.

Many students are still struggling to recover from the drugs they’ve taken.

The majority of them say they’ve tried to quit using drugs, but they are struggling.

The state is working to get more students on the opioid medication that the New Yorkers are taking, but it has been difficult.

Baskins said the state is trying to help, but some students say they’re being pushed to take even more medication to help them quit.

“If we can’t get more medication into these kids’ bodies, then we’re not going to be able to help with the problem,” she said, noting that the state also has to keep more students out of the streets.

The nurse on call at the Bronx nursing school says the students don’t seem to understand what the consequences of their actions could be.

“They think that this is all good, but we are not safe here.

They are not getting the help they need, and the drugs are still being used,” the nurse said.

“They are being told that they are dangerous and need help, and it is just not happening.”

The New York Times

Nursing schools across the country are struggling to cope with a surge in opioid-related deaths.And they have been caught between…

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