Post Malone STEALS THE SHOW WITH HORRIFIC FALL…Health updates sent

10:16 AM PT — Post Malone just wrote a message to his followers informing them of his well-being and outlining the specifics of what caused him to eat it.

According to the singer, there is a space on stage that opens up for lower instruments during the acoustic portion of his performance. The singer reportedly forgot about this space as he was moving around and fell through it. He “busted his own ass,” as he says.

PM expresses regret for having to end the event early and promises to make it up to St. Louis later. After visiting the hospital, he adds that he’s well and that the trip will go on as scheduled.

Post Malone experienced a rather serious fall while performing on stage; it required medical assistance for him to get up, and the audience wasn’t sure whether to stick around or leave.

Midway through his performance of “Circles” on Saturday night in St. Louis at the Enterprise Center, it happened.

Post was strutting his stuff as he descended a ramp that reached out onto the arena floor. It would have gone smoothly if the floor hole he utilised to lower his guitar hadn’t been left uncovered.

He walked in it, suffered a terrible tumble, and ended up on the concert floor splayed out. One of his legs was violently shaking, a witness tells TMZ. As he fled the platform, medical personnel rushed in and eventually flanked him.

He requested a few minutes to gather himself, but it was obvious that everyone was worried and some didn’t think he’d ever come back.

Post reappeared 15 minutes later and performed “Rockstar” and “Cooped Up.” “Rockstar” fits because Post was adamant to go on despite being obviously in pain and clutching his ribs while singing.

Post thanked the audience for sticking with him, informed them that the stage had a “big-ass hole in it,” and even offered an unnecessary apology. He completed the performance and even remained around to sign a few autographs.

There is no information on his health, but he is expected to continue his “Twelve Carat Tour” in Columbus on Sunday.

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Travelers Slam Lengthy Airbnb Chore Lists and Cleaning Fees

Some Airbnb owners demand cleaning fees and a check-list of duties from their visitors.

Travelers are reportedly being ordered to rake the lawn, empty the garbage, and wash the linens.

According to WSJ, some consumers are choosing hotels over short-term rentals as a result of the trend.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that some Airbnb hosts are making their tenants complete extensive to-do lists in addition to paying cleaning costs of up to $375.

On social media, disgruntled tourists have retaliated, with some claiming they were required to do chores like mow the yard, wash the bedding, and take out the trash while they were there.

A TikToker named @Melworeit claimed in a popular video that she chose against using Airbnb because of the $125 cleaning fee and requests that visitors run the dishwasher, remove the bed linens, take out the trash, and do a load of laundry.

The article received nearly 5,000 comments and 66,000 views, many of which discussed similar experiences with Airbnb task lists.

The TikToker claimed, “If I’m spending $229 per night to stay somewhere plus a $125 cleaning fee, I’m not doing any laundry.” It will only take me two minutes to complete one load of washing, but the principle is what really irritates me.

“Airbnb hosts have asked me to do chores around the house, like taking out the trash at check-out, washing dishes, cleaning up, and doing other things to help the host, even though I pay for cleaning, which can be high these days. I am more than happy to contribute – if I have the necessary materials,” Constable wrote. “Hosts must either provide everything they need or waive cleaning fees entirely.”

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