Rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot in a suspected robbery at a LA waffle shop

PnB Rock

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The 30-year-old artist was inside a waffle restaurant in the south of the city with his girlfriend when the gunman allegedly demanded jewellery before starting to fire.

PnB was discovered by police with multiple gunshot wounds; 45 minutes later, he was declared dead in the hospital.

Over the incident on Monday, no arrests have been made as of yet.

According to Capt Kelly Muniz of the Los Angeles Police Department, a suspect approached a couple eating at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles and demanded they hand over personal belongings.

This resulted in “some sort of verbal exchange,” she informed reporters on the scene, before the victim was shot many times and knocked to the ground.

She claimed that after “removing goods from the victim,” the suspect sped off to a waiting getaway vehicle.

According to US media, law enforcement officials have established that the rapper was the attack’s intended victim.

Since then, tributes have poured in for PnB Rock, actual name Rakim Hasheem Allen, who gained notoriety with the release of his 2016 single Selfish and worked with musicians like Ed Sheeran.

Rapper Offset wrote a Twitter eulogy asking followers to pray for PnB’s two children, and superstar Drake shared a photo of the couple on his Instagram account.

Others noted that the incident occurred after the passing of Pop Smoke, a fellow rapper who was killed in a Hollywood Hills burglary in February.

It’s been claimed that his assassins were able to locate his address as a result of him unintentionally posting it on social media.

Rappers’ safety has come up in conversation after the most recent shooting, when it was alleged that an Instagram photo of PnB and his partner may have disclosed the whereabouts of the couple.

The rapper was recently questioned by DJ Akademiks, who runs a well-liked hip-hop YouTube channel, about an earlier attempt to rob him.

While everything was going on, Cardi B confronted those who had accused Stephanie Sibounheuang, PnB Rock’s girlfriend, of uploading the picture.

It was “irresponsible and disrespectful” to hold Stephanie responsible for “something so awful,” she said, adding that it was “extremely unlikely” that the suspects had located them online.

In 1991, Philadelphia saw the birth of PnB Rock, who went on to release the studio albums Catch These Vibes and Trapstar Turnt PopStar.

Just two days before to the incident, he released his most recent single, Luv Me Again.

James Dean made his final stop at a petrol station and café in the middle of nowhere in California.

The place seems as a mirage from the shimmering hot asphalt. You are greeted by life-size cutouts of a remembered character as a car approaches. Then, all of a sudden, a huge barn-shaped structure appears.

There are 12 petrol pumps outside. Additionally, there are specimens of several of California’s top cash crops that may be purchased inside, as well as a hidden item that must be hidden in a plexiglass case at the end of a hallway close to the restrooms because it is so vivid and radiant. The goggles James Dean wore during his deadly collision are there, still bright and looking brand new. They are well-lit and safeguarded in an unexpected but suitable location.

Blackwells Corner, an unincorporated town at the easternmost edge of Kern County, is situated 50 miles northwest of Bakersfield and 160 miles southeast of Monterey. It is so small that it hasn’t been counted in the past two censuses. As soon as you wheel up, you get the impression that here is your last chance to get gas and snacks because the filling station, shop, and diner serve as its anchors.

Blackwells Corner is situated at the confluence of routes 46 and 33, while Interstate 5 continues to run 10 miles to the east at the Lost Hills junction. Those that stop there appear to fall into one of two categories: either they are there on purpose or they are almost completely lost.

According to Lee Raskin, a vehicle enthusiast and historian who has written two memoirs on Dean’s terrible accident, “Blackwells Corner possesses Dean’s driving goggles,” he told SFGATE. Raskin claimed that a couple discovered the debris 25 kilometres west of the rest area and discovered the priceless object there.

James Dean’s fateful and fabled final stop

On the morning of September 30, 1955, Dean and Rolf Wutherich, a mechanic trained by the Porsche factory, were in Hollywood getting Dean’s new race rocket “Little Bastard” ready for races that weekend up in Salinas.

The Porsche was initially going to be towed by 24-year-old Dean and his team behind a station waggon driven by Dean’s close buddy and renowned stuntman Bill Hickman. Sanford H. Roth, a photographer on board to capture a feature of Dean’s racing career for Collier’s magazine, was also travelling with Dean, Hickman, and Wutherich.

After enjoying a late-morning snack, the group headed up the Central Valley toward the Salinas with Dean at the wheel of his new prize because mechanic Wutherich believed Dean hadn’t had enough time in his new car before they left.

A CHP officer pulled Dean over in Mettler Station, south of Bakersfield, about 3:30 p.m. for speeding. In order to avoid any further delays or accidents, Dean headed onto Highway 33 north after receiving the ticket, with Hickman riding shotgun. The group immediately stopped for a snack and a regrouping at Blackwells Corner after being dropped off there by that route.

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