Russia “leaves death” at the grave of Ukraine

Hundreds more dead have been discovered at a fresh mass grave site, according to Ukrainian authorities, as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia drags on. The families of WNBA stars Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner, who are still detained in Russia, will meet with President Joe Biden, and King Charles III is travelling to Wales, according to other recent reports.

Ukraine discovers a new mass gravesite as Russia “leaves death”

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the work will help demonstrate to the world “what the Russian occupation has led to” as Ukrainian officials were set to start rescuing dead from a newly discovered mass grave site in a forest that had been retaken from Russian soldiers on Friday. After a quick counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces freed the northeastern city and other areas of the Kharkiv region, the site was found close to Izium. On a Thursday visit, journalists from the Associated Press counted hundreds of wooden crosses marking the graves, most of which had numbers up to and including 400. Additionally, at least one cemetery had a marker indicating that it had the remains of 17 Ukrainian soldiers.

The queen believed that the Commonwealth would be her legacy, but it is already in danger just days after her passing

Britain — When he made a remark that would not have been comforting to the late monarch, the Bahamas’ prime minister had just signed the Queen Elizabeth II’s guest book.

The Bahamas, which have been politically independent since 1973, will become a republic, according to Prime Minister Phillip Davis, who said he intends to stage a vote to depose Elizabeth’s son and successor, King Charles III, as the official head of state.

Davis told reporters on Tuesday, “The only problem with us becoming a republic is that I cannot do it without your approval, much as I would like to. “I will have to hold a referendum, and I will need the approval of the Bahamian people.”

The empire, which at its height saw Britain’s monarch govern over a fifth of the world’s population, is responsible for Davis’ choice and the Bahamas as a whole. With colonies and protectorates spread out throughout the globe, including what is now Australia, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, and India, it was the greatest empire ever.

Line for Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin has to Close Temporarily

Britain — On Thursday, there was a three-mile long line to witness the Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin as it lay in state in Westminster Hall. It increased to five miles on Friday morning. Next, the government provides an update: As of around 9:50 a.m., mourners who wanted to enter the line, often known as the Queue in Britain, would be momentarily turned away due to capacity.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport apologised for any disruption in a tweet on Twitter. Please wait till the line reopens before attempting to join it.

The length of the line has been the subject of live updates from the officials, who had previously issued a warning that admission might have to be restricted. For those who had made it before the deadline, the anticipated wait time was 14 hours.

Thousands of people have gathered to pay their respects to the queen, who will be laid to rest in a state funeral on Monday, with some coming from all over the country, including others who are heading to London.

By Friday, the line had extended into Southwark Park, which is located across the river and many miles to the east of Westminster Hall, where the coffin was located.

 Russell Wilson Harassed Broncos Teammates Until They Shouted “Run” or “Pass” to Aid Their Defense

On Monday, the Denver Broncos suffered their first loss of the year in a game with a conclusion that will be discussed all year. Russell Wilson’s possession of the ball was terminated by head coach Nathaniel Hackett, who instead placed it at kicker Brandon McManus’ feet with one minute left. Perhaps this is the case because nobody was chanting “run” or “pass” from the sidelines like they were when the Denver defence was in play. This is due to Russell Wilson’s insistence that they do as he demands, as you can see in the video.

Have you ever seen something like this in the NFL? Attempting to inform the defence of what is going on the field in front of them seems like a huge waste of energy. In the middle of a boisterous football stadium, if you’re a professional football player, you probably can tell if it’s a run or a pass before someone else notices it and screams it to you. If you said “fastball” to Jose Altuve after the ball had already left the pitcher’s hand, that would be equivalent.

That’s Russell Wilson, though. a guy who genuinely wants to be the leader but just doesn’t seem to know how to do it without making you sneer. He practises running onto the field and gives high fives after arriving at training camp in a large truck wearing his own jersey. He simply can’t help pushing himself too far.

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