The ‘most beautiful mother’ who died in a nursing home

The ‘beautiful mother’ whose body was found in a trash dumpster in a Washington state nursing home last month was a former nurse, a family nurse and an aunt, according to court documents.

The woman, whose identity is protected by court order, died on April 7, two days after her estranged husband died in the hospital, the family said in a statement Tuesday.

She had been living with her mother-in-law, who was hospitalized with a respiratory illness, the lawsuit said.

Family members said they had no knowledge of the case.

It is not known how the woman died.

The Washington State Department of Health said in March that the nursing home’s health department had determined that the woman had “serious health problems.”

She was found dead in a dumpster near her mother’s apartment, according the lawsuit, filed by a relative.

“The court has no idea how she got there,” said the family’s lawyer, Brian Bostwick.

“It is hard to understand how this could happen.”

The lawsuit said the woman’s husband, who has dementia, had moved out of state and had not seen his family for about three years.

His parents were still in Washington, and the aunt had no contact with the family, the filing said.

It was not clear if there were any relatives in the nursing facility, which had a waiting list for patients.

State records show the woman is a registered nurse who worked for the Northwest State Department for more than 10 years.

She also had been employed by a nursing facility in the town of Fairview, Washington, since 2014.

She is survived by her husband, a former Army officer and an uncle, the suit said.

The woman had a history of mental illness, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, according court documents, and her husband had a mental health issue that caused him to seek treatment.

After her husband’s death, she began to struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, the document said.

She began having “severe panic attacks” and had stopped seeing a psychiatrist, according a medical examiner’s report.

The ‘beautiful mother’ whose body was found in a trash dumpster in a Washington state nursing home last month was…

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