‘The new norm’ for women in nursing

Here are some of the common challenges that women face as they transition into nursing.


Lack of space: A woman needs to have a room that is spacious enough for her to sleep comfortably, have access to clean water and food, and not feel as if she has to push against the walls of the hospital.

She also needs to be able to breathe comfortably and not need to move her limbs.2.

Lack or unavailability of personal hygiene products: While nursing has become more and more important for women, there is still a shortage of personal hygienic products that are widely available.

Some products are still difficult to find in the market.3.

Lack access to a safe environment: For women, the main challenge in nursing is that they must share a space with male colleagues.

This means that they cannot sleep with their family members, take showers together or take the same bathroom for their health.4.

Lack support for women who are in nursing: Women must also face challenges in nursing, which are also more prevalent among men.5.

Lack confidence in their abilities: Women who want to transition into full-time nursing often face problems, because they are not confident enough in themselves.

Some women find it difficult to have confidence and are afraid of showing their faces.6.

Lack flexibility in the nursing environment: Some women also have to adjust to the rigours of nursing as well as their physical, emotional and mental health.7.

Lack understanding of the importance of nutrition in nursing and socialising: While women can transition to full- time nursing, the experience and knowledge they have of nutrition is very limited and it is not an easy transition for them.8.

Lack knowledge of personal health in nursing practice: The lack of knowledge about the personal health of nursing patients and how to take care of them is another reason why women have to be on their guard when they transition.9.

Lack awareness of social norms in nursing practices: The social norms for nursing practice are very different from those of other professions.

The majority of the women who transition into this role are of a more westernised background, which makes it difficult for them to understand the social norms.10.

Lack empathy in nursing training: It is a major challenge for women to understand what is expected of them in nursing.

This can cause anxiety and can even lead to isolation, which can cause psychological problems.11.

Lack social support for nursing women: Lack of support is one of the biggest obstacles for women transitioning into nursing, and it can lead to a lack of social support and understanding.

Here are some of the common challenges that women face as they transition into nursing.1.Lack of space: A woman needs…

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