This Nurse’s Daughter Is Getting $3.7 Million for Her Sick Daughter’s Nursing Gear

In the latest nursing gear sales surge, an 11-year-old Texas girl’s mother is making $3,7 million on her daughter’s nursing gear.

Clove Nursing Shoes, which sells “nursing gear” in nursing homes, sold $1.5 million worth of clothing and accessories in the week ended March 13, according to a company statement.

It also sold $3 million worth in “accessories” and accessories.

The family of the 11-month-old is getting the money because she “needs nursing equipment and supplies,” according to the statement.

The clothing and jewelry was made in California, where Clove is based.

The family is getting paid in “a monthly payment based on the number of nursing homes visited, the number hours nurses work, and the number nursing staff members have been assigned.”

The family is not getting a cent from the company because the company “has not provided any reimbursement for nursing supplies purchased,” the statement says.

“The Clove family was not required to provide any compensation to the company for its purchase of the products.”

The company does have a policy requiring the mother to reimburse her nursing home for any unused products.

However, “the policy was not enforced,” according the statement, and Clove said it’s working with the company to “correct the situation.”

Nursing home stock is surging amid the nursing shortage.

Nursing stock surged on Monday to a record high of $2.65.

This includes Clove Nursing Gear, which has been around since 2006.

Nursinics were recently asked to keep an eye out for new products for nursing home supplies because of the shortage, but most nursing homes were selling supplies at a discount.

That’s why the company is offering up to $3 a day for its nursing supplies.

Nurse Jackie, 11, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in January and is not able to work.

Jackie is now in her sixth year of nursing school.

She was at her school when the family’s son was admitted to the hospital.

She said her mother is so thankful for her daughter who is a nurse.

She said she was shocked by the amount of support the family was getting from the hospital when she got the diagnosis.

Clive says she’s thankful her daughter has the tools she needs to keep her family healthy.

“We have a very simple mission to provide care and support to our patients, including our own daughter,” he said.

In the latest nursing gear sales surge, an 11-year-old Texas girl’s mother is making $3,7 million on her daughter’s nursing…

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