Triage Nurse, Nurse, and Nurse: Nurse appreciation week begins in Sydney

The community nurse, who has also been honoured with a plaque for her contribution to the triage hospital, has been named as the recipient of the Nurses and Midwives of Australia’s (NMMA) Nurse of the Year award.

The award will be presented at a reception at the Royal Jubilee Auditorium on Tuesday, December 2, to honour Dr Lisa Haggarty who was honoured for her outstanding contribution to her community hospital.

Dr Haggart’s community hospital triage unit in Adelaide was one of the first in the country to be certified as a triage facility, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has said.

It is a highly successful model of triage, which has resulted in the hospital having one of Australia ‘s best patient outcomes, according to the NHMRC.

Ms Haggarton said she was honoured to receive the award at a time when many nurses were celebrating their centenary.

“I was really happy to be recognized for my work at the hospital and also to be recognised for my contribution to our community,” she said.

Dr Peter Molloy, who worked with Dr Haggard at the community hospital, said it was an honour to be honoured with the award.

“This is a really good recognition of her work in terms of her leadership in the community,” he said.

“She was a wonderful role model for the rest of us in the triaging community.”

We have nurses and midwives who have achieved something great, but in the past, it wasn’t necessarily their work that got them the recognition, but it was something that helped them to get through tough times.

“Dr Mollay said he was proud of Dr Hoggart for her leadership, and the contributions she made to the hospital.”

The fact that she was the first to get the triaged service certified is a huge credit to her, and to all of the people who have helped her get that done,” he added.”

It’s a big honour for her, but also it’s a great credit to the community.

“The award, which recognises a community service, is presented in a year of public recognition.

Dr Mowchay said the coronavirus had made community hospitals a much more challenging place for nurses and paramedics to work.”

In the past we’ve seen that with people retiring from work, people having to take a break from work and go home and come back,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.”

People are taking time off and they’re just getting back into their work.

The fact that we have been able to have more nurses and more midwives in our community has allowed us to do that.

“They’re able to stay in their community, they’re able in the field, and they can keep the health of their community.”

Dr Hoggarty said the triages have allowed her to provide a “world class” service to the residents of the hospital, and was a huge source of pride for the community.

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The community nurse, who has also been honoured with a plaque for her contribution to the triage hospital, has been…

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