US nurse’s hospital visit with a complication is just the beginning

A nurse’s medical visit with an acute infection at a nursing home has gone awry, and her boss is blaming her for the complication.

A spokesperson for the San Francisco-based Nurses’ Healthcare Association (NHA) says the incident has been a “disappointing” experience.

The incident happened Wednesday morning at the St. Francis Nursing Home in San Francisco.

The NHA is suing the hospital for negligence, but has not yet filed a formal lawsuit.

The hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr. Michael Haddad, told ABC News he did not have information about what led to the nurse’s miscommunication, but said it is standard procedure for nurses to communicate with their patients and family members about potentially life-threatening situations.

He says the nurse communicated with her family through an open door.

Haddad says the nurses who were on duty that day communicated with the patient, who was in stable condition, and did not ask questions or provide any information that could have caused the patient to feel overwhelmed.

“If they had not communicated, I would not have been able to get her into the room to make the diagnosis,” Haddid says.

Nurses are allowed to stay in the hospital overnight and have free access to the intensive care unit.HADDAD says nurses are trained to use a phone when they’re in the ICU to alert other nurses of patients they see, but he says this is a new and important protocol.

“The nurses were not trained in what to do when they were in the ER,” he says.

“They’re the ones who make the decisions about when they leave and when they come back.”

A spokesperson from the St Francis Nursing home says the hospital did everything it could to save the nurse, including providing her with an antibiotic.

She says the NHA and the nursing home have cooperated to resolve the situation.

A nurse’s medical visit with an acute infection at a nursing home has gone awry, and her boss is blaming…

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