Hurricane Ian - Maps and images showing destruction

Hurricane Ian - Maps and images showing destruction

Ian made landfall in South Carolina on Friday after causing destruction in Florida and leaving at least 21 people dead.

Satellite analysis suggests more than 80,000 properties have been affected by flood waters.

Hurricane Ian, with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour, made landfall in the neighbourhood where Mr. Pacyna lived as a Category 4 hurricane.

Dan Allers, a councillor in Fort Myers Beach, said the surge of water was about 12-14 feet (3.7-4.3m).

About 1.7 million customers in Florida, about 200,000 in South Carolina and nearly 130,000 in North Carolina were without power Friday afternoon, according to tracking site

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described the destruction as a "500-year flood event".

some people have fled low-lying areas for higher ground and other communities are braced for strong winds, heavy rains and flooding.

The storm made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane in Georgetown, some 60 miles northeast of Charleston, before losing strength later on Friday and becoming a post-tropical cyclone.