Steelers 35-13 loss to the Eagles : Chris Boswell was injured !!

The Eagles ran for over 100 yards on the ground and passed for over 300 yards through the air. That’s about as complete an offensive performance as you’ll see.

the Eagles' leading receiver, caught 6 passes for 156 receiving yards and three touchdowns, with which he was directly credited with three of them.

The Steelers' defense made it seem as though scrambling was out of the question, but aside from that, the Eagles' captain exhibited no symptoms of slowing down.  

The Falcons will presently go to Houston on short period of time which will be a homecoming for the third-year quarterback. 

Chris Boswell was injured, so Nick Sciba kicked field goals of 38 and 29 yards for the Steelers (groin).

Jordan Davis, a DT with the Eagles, was hurt in the ankle.