When it comes to jobs, nurses want more in Canada

Nursing jobs in Canada are booming and a new study finds the jobs are getting harder.

The National Nurses United union says there’s a shortage of skilled nurses.

The number of nurses trained nationally has fallen from 1,823,000 in 2008 to about 1,100,000 now, according to a study by the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

The national shortage of nurses has led to a shortage in some rural communities, which has led some to look for other ways to fill jobs.

The problem isn’t just limited to rural communities.

Statistics Canada reported that nursing students have become increasingly popular since 2010.

And there’s growing concern about the impact on nursing graduates and those who want to work in the health-care industry.

The study, conducted by the CNIU and published online Wednesday, found that while nursing graduates are getting more jobs, they’re still struggling to get ahead in the job market.

It said that, for many, the main reason for not working is because they lack the qualifications or skills to do so.

The report notes that only one in three nursing graduates who entered the workforce had a bachelor’s degree, and fewer than one in four had a master’s.

It says that more than half of graduates with bachelor’s degrees had no job experience.

“We’re in the middle of a shortage crisis, which is going to make it harder for young people to find meaningful work and more challenging for those who do find meaningful jobs,” said Dr. Jennifer Ouellette, director of research for the CNRU.

Nursing graduates need to be well-educated, have relevant work experience and have the right experience to work as a nurse, she said.

Nursing jobs are booming And while nursing grads in the United States have been in high demand for years, the shortage has gotten worse.

In 2010, the national nurse shortage was 1.4 million.

In 2015, it was 935,000.

That’s an increase of about 2,000,000 nurses compared with the previous year.

The shortage of nursing graduates has led many to look elsewhere for work, according the study.

In 2014, more than 7,000 nursing graduates left the U.S. to work abroad.

The country was one of the top 10 countries in the world for nursing graduates.

That year, more Canadians went abroad than went to work for their countries, according a report from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

But the numbers are declining, the CNAU said.

Canada’s nursing graduates may be working abroad but their skills are not being developed to meet the demand.

In Canada, the country is working on improving its nursing training and certification programs.

The CNAE says that while many nurses are working in nursing schools, the number of nursing students is actually down.

It also says that in Canada, more students have a bachelor degree than in any other developed country.

That suggests a lack of investment in training and education in the country.

Nursing jobs in Canada are booming and a new study finds the jobs are getting harder.The National Nurses United union…

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