When nursing assistant jobs go to China, the world loses out

DALLAS, Texas – The U.S. Nursing Assistant Council says it’s about to lose a good job when its members move to a new city in China, a move that could have a huge ripple effect on the country’s nursing workforce.

The group said in a statement on Wednesday that the Dallas nursing assistant position has become a destination for the countrys top nursing jobs in China.

The move, which the council called a “surprise,” will leave nursing assistants with fewer opportunities to earn enough to afford a decent living.

The announcement comes a day after nursing assistants in the United States were asked to consider moving to Beijing, where they will have more choices, including new jobs in the Chinese medical industry.

The council said the decision to move was based on the company’s “commitment to provide the best possible nursing services and to ensure the quality of care at all times.”

“We’re not talking about a decision to give up the nursing jobs, but instead to give our nursing colleagues the opportunity to move to the best medical and nursing facilities in the country,” said council member Lori Williams.

The United States is the worlds largest nursing supply market, with the largest number of nursing assistants working in the U.K. and other countries.

But the council said that because of rising demand in the nursing industry in China it has decided to focus its attention on the nursing assistant sector in China where the market is growing.

The nursing assistant is a role that is often reserved for older women and is not traditionally considered an important position for older people, the council added.

DALLAS, Texas – The U.S. Nursing Assistant Council says it’s about to lose a good job when its members move…

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