Why Happy Nurses Week is the best time to start your nursing career

Nursing careers are full of challenges and opportunities.

It’s not only the challenges that you have to face, but also the opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Here are a few of the top reasons to start nursing in 2018.


You can earn more in the nursing industry if you work in a community nursing facility, community-based home, or other supportive facility.

When you’re not working in a nursing home, your time is better spent doing something that’s beneficial to the community.

In the United States, nursing homes receive about $3.8 billion in federal Medicaid funding each year.

Nursing homes are the health care providers most often used to care for people with mental health or substance use disorders.

This makes them ideal places for nursing.

In addition, nursing home residents are less likely to commit suicide, according to a 2017 study.

In other words, a community-focused nursing home is a safer environment for people who need help with mental illness.

Many community- and nursing-home-based facilities offer support groups and support groups for families with mental illnesses.

Many communities offer nursing home care as a way to connect residents with supportive services and services for families who need assistance with substance use.

This is particularly true for older adults and people with disabilities, who are more likely to live in nursing homes than other Americans.

In fact, in a study of nursing home health care utilization, researchers found that nursing homes in states that implemented community-wide initiatives experienced higher rates of hospitalizations and hospitalizations-related deaths than those in states where community-specific programs were not implemented.

These programs have the potential to help seniors who are struggling with substance abuse or mental health problems and are at greater risk for homelessness and other social isolation.

In a 2015 study, researchers at the University of Colorado found that community-led programs increased people’s likelihood of spending time at a drug treatment center.

In another study, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that communities with strong community-oriented approaches to mental health and substance use prevention programs increased the likelihood that people in those programs received mental health services, including drug treatment and substance abuse treatment.


You will receive better pay if you are a certified nursing assistant.

If you want to be a certified nurse assistant, you need to earn your degree in nursing.

To earn your nursing certification, you must complete a 12-month course and pass a exam.

Most nursing schools will offer a one-year certificate program, but there are several options for earning a bachelor’s degree in the field.

These include the College of Nursing at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the College for Nursing Education and Research (CNEER), the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACPNN), and the National Board Certified Nursing Assistant (NBCNA).

All of these programs require some kind of licensing from the State of California.

This licensing process can take anywhere from six to 12 months, and you can start working in the industry after your degree is completed.

There are several reasons why you should apply for certification: You are interested in advancing your career in nursing, and nursing has a long history of being a good career for women.

A nursing degree is a great way to develop the knowledge and skills that are needed to be an effective nurse, such as understanding the different types of mental health care, understanding the nursing profession, and having the knowledge to provide compassionate care.


You are in a position to get paid well.

As an RN, you will get a pay increase every two years based on inflation.

It can be challenging to get your RN pay increase if you have an RN degree.

However, it is a fact of life that when you work at a community or nursing facility with a large population of people with a wide variety of needs, you are getting paid well enough to live comfortably.

RNs earn an average of $70,000 a year, compared to $50,000 for a full-time equivalent RN.

You should expect to see your RN wages increase in the future as the number of people needing care increases.


You’re not the only one.

There is also the issue of career advancement.

Some RNs are making a lot more money than they were a few years ago.

According to the Bureau on Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for RNs was $93,000 in 2015, compared with $57,000 at the end of 2016.

This means that some RNs were making as much as $400,000 more than they used to.

This also means that a lot of RNs who had their RN licenses in the 1990s or earlier are now retired, living in nursing home settings, or have lost their jobs.

This trend is expected to continue.


Nursing graduates have a lot to offer.

Nursing grads are the most skilled workers in nursing and are often the ones who help manage the community health care system.

They also have a great understanding of how the nursing workforce

Nursing careers are full of challenges and opportunities.It’s not only the challenges that you have to face, but also the…

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