India is in the middle of a major medical crisis.

The country has a huge shortage of health care workers, as well as healthcare infrastructure.

The situation is not looking good. 

The Nursing Nurse Salary survey found that India has the highest average salary among the top 25 countries.

The median salary for a nurse is $2.50 an hour.

In the US, it is $1.90 an hour, in Germany it is roughly $1 an hour and in the UK it is between $1 and $2 an hour in a range of countries.

The average nurse salary has increased more than 200% over the last 10 years.

The increase is partly due to increasing demand for nurses across the world.

The number of nurses has grown by more than 6 million.

But a nurse’s salary has also increased at a much slower rate compared to other occupations.

India’s average salary has risen by more then 6 million in the last ten years.

But in India, we have no shortage of nurses.

According to the Nursing Institute of India, the number of nursing jobs in the country has risen from 4,906 in 2009 to 12,865 in 2016.

The Institute also says that there are around 5 million nurses in the nation, and they are mostly employed in primary care, including in hospitals, schools and nursing homes. 

Nurses in India are paid between 25% and 50% of the average salary in the US.

This is partly because of the fact that they are paid a salary which is higher than that of their counterparts in other countries.

They are also paid in addition to the salary of the principal healthcare provider in their locality.

The salaries paid to nurses vary by location.

In India, a nurse working in a city, for instance, earns around $1,500 in the most expensive city.

The average nurse in India’s most expensive metropolitan area is paid $2 per hour.

India’s average nurse also earns a higher salary than the nurses in most other countries in the world, including France, Italy and Germany.

However, India is one of the countries where nurses are paid less than the US nurses.

The reason for this is that nurses in India earn less than US nurses on average. 

India’s Nurses’ Association has said that the government needs to create incentives for nurses to join the healthcare workforce. 

However, some experts say that the problem of poor pay for nurses in Indian healthcare system is a national issue.

Indian healthcare system does not have a comprehensive system of pay, with the minimum wage, for example, not yet being met by most private sector nurses.

This has led to many nurses becoming employed in non-standard jobs.

As more nurses are employed in healthcare services, the gap between nurses and the average Indian worker is widening.

In addition, the cost of training nurses is a barrier for some.

“There is a huge gap between Indian nurses and other nurses in terms of wages, health facilities, and other benefits.

As a result, Indian nurses are being excluded from the system,” said Kunal Singh, senior consultant at India’s Centre for Health Systems at IIT-Bombay.

 “The reason why nurses are not making a lot of money is because they have no training,” Singh added.

This article originally appeared on India.com.

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India is in the middle of a major medical crisis.The country has a huge shortage of health care workers, as…

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