Why the US Senate needs a nurse costume for Halloween

The US Senate, in the tradition of its predecessor, the House, has a long history of wearing costumes.

But the Senate, which passed the largest expansion of Medicaid expansion since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, is now looking to get in on the Halloween spirit.

Senators are asking the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to design a nurse-themed costume for the Senate.

“The Senate has been using nurses for decades, and our senators are using nurses in their work every day, even while wearing their Halloween costumes,” Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) said in a statement to The Hill.

“So it’s not a surprise to see the OPM design the Senate’s nurse costume.”

Senator Patty Murray (D – Washington) echoed the sentiment, calling the request a “welcome move.”

“I’m very glad the OPG is taking this seriously, because nurses are a vital part of our Senate,” Murray said.

“When you work for them, they help you achieve your career goals and that’s why they are a critical part of how we do our work.”

The Senate’s decision to go to the nurse costume has sparked backlash online, with some calling it “naughty” and “disrespectful.”

The OPG said the request was not the agency’s “primary consideration,” but rather that it “was a matter of policy,” The Hill reported.

In a statement, the OPA said the agency was “not making any policy decisions about the Senate attire,” adding that “the OPG will evaluate and respond to any other requests from the Senate.”

The senators who want to wear the costume are also asking for a minimum of $2,500.

The US Senate, in the tradition of its predecessor, the House, has a long history of wearing costumes.But the Senate,…

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